Advanced Analytics Installation and Ongoing Analysis

We can only analyze data that is collected. I work with your staff to plan and correctly implement advanced analytics that is aligned to your marketing goals and is able to show senior-level brand managers the reports and dashboards they need to make quality decisions smiley for free. With my analytics planning, brand managers are confident they know “what’s working.”

A basic installation is when your graphic designer or developer copies the basic tracking code from the Google Analytics and pastes it on your web pages herunterladen. The process takes three minutes. You may think a basic installation is adequate for your needs. No need to spend extra money to go to the next level, right santiano lieder kostenlos downloaden?

In some cases, only using a basic tracking can makes some efforts seem like a fail. Whenever your website uses a button, function or long-form content such as articles or product documentation or FAQs, you should use custom tracking sky q apps downloaden.


A consumer may use your where to buy / store locator function. A basic installation will only tell yoiu that a consumer spent a lot of time on a page download printer driver. Custom tracking can tale your local sales people and store managers which products, colors, flavors are being searched for in their area.

Using a basic installation can make long-form content on your site seem like a fail netflix ps3. Perhaps consumers are spending eight minutes reading an article on your site and then leaves your site. Clearly, we can agree a consumer spending eight minutes reading one article is truly engaged download films arte mediathek. However, a basic analytics installation can show this to be a fail by recording that consumer’s visit as a bounce. I work with your content producers and developers to be able to show reports that justify your content programs and funding vde normen for free.