What is a Call to Action?

A Call to Action is a specific and clear statement on a web page that offers your site’s visitors to “take the next step.”

Having a nice-looking website that doesn’t deliver sales or sales leads does not help your company much herunterladen. It is best to consistently remind your site visitors to take the “next step” on each page.

A Call to Action does not always encourage customers to “buy now.” Many good potential customers want more information before they commit to “buy.” A Call to Action can be an offer to sign up to obtain a white paper, get contacted by your sales team or just sign up to receive your email newsletter download wps office for free.

Where on Page?

Where you place this call to action on the page is important. Often writers only place a Call to Action at the bottom of the page nltv downloaden. This is an old way of thinking.

People skim text on a web page, look for what they want and quickly move on. They might not get to the bottom of your page fotoalbum facebooken. They will not always read a 800 word article to see your call to action. More likely, your visitors may only read part of your article. I plan a call to action that is attractive to your potential customers and identify ways to attract their eyes, then encourage them to “accept” your call to action netflix serien downloaden wie lange.