How Do Keywords Work?

I work with "keywords" almost every day. I mine data to find patterns and discover what the customer is searching for. One way of thinking of Keywords is to think of them as results of marketing research herunterladen.

When an executive knows the keywords potential customers are searching for, he or she can focus marketing efforts to more efficiently use budgets and staff time landkarten kostenlosen.

Branding vs. "Keywords"

Most business owners know they must focus their efforts and advertising dollars to building awareness of their brand name spotify premium single songs. It is always better for customers to be loyal to a brand name vs. a product category. You want your customers to be loyal to a brand name like "Ikea" and not always be focused on searching for "inexpensive furniture."

But they overlook the opportunity for more sales and to introduce new Internet surfers to their brand name kassenbuch einnahmen ausgaben kostenlos herunterladen. if you never mention your product category and only use your brand name on your website, you will miss out on customers who have not heard of your brand yet flv player downloaden. One way of doing this is to add new content (pages) to your site that targets these keywords Download ls17 full version for free.

Case Study: Puppet Business

Let’s say a small business wants to open a website that sells puppets and promotes the art of puppetry cewe fotobuch rahmen herunterladen. By doing some research into what people search Google for, they can discover where they want to focus their marketing and what content is needed for their website video from twitter iphone.

After some keyword research, we see that a significant amount of people search for "how to do hand puppets." The puppet website does not want to appeal to these surfers because they do not need to buy anything herunterladen nicht möglich versuchen sie es später erneut s3.

However, marketing "church puppets" would be a great opportunity for this site. Why? Because 880 people search for "church puppets" each month and many of those people are organizational buyers who have a budget to spend download url video.

Additionally, churches buy more than a single puppet. They will need more than 15 puppets simply to hold a passion play (Jesus and the 12 apostles).

More research shows that ads for "baby einstein puppets" are very expensive, inferring that it is an "in demand" product. (6600 people search Google for baby einstein puppets each month.)

In summary, the business began with an unfocused marketing effort and now clearly knows two product categories it should pursue to earn a profit.