What is a Call to Action?

A Call to Action is a specific and clear statement on a web page that offers your site’s visitors to “take the next step.”

Having a nice-looking website that doesn’t deliver sales or sales leads does not help your company much herunterladen. It is best to consistently remind your site visitors to take the “next step” on each page.

A Call to Action does not always encourage customers to “buy now.” Many good potential customers want more information before they commit to “buy.” A Call to Action can be an offer to sign up to obtain a white paper, get contacted by your sales team or just sign up to receive your email newsletter download wps office for free.

Where on Page?

Where you place this call to action on the page is important. Often writers only place a Call to Action at the bottom of the page nltv downloaden. This is an old way of thinking.

People skim text on a web page, look for what they want and quickly move on. They might not get to the bottom of your page fotoalbum facebooken. They will not always read a 800 word article to see your call to action. More likely, your visitors may only read part of your article. I plan a call to action that is attractive to your potential customers and identify ways to attract their eyes, then encourage them to “accept” your call to action netflix serien downloaden wie lange.

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How To Drive New Website Memberships

Building an interactive website is only half the battle. One of the toughest challenges when launching a new site is to get new users to "sign up" and tell their friends outlook download chip. Here are the main tactics companies use to "spread the word" and get new users to register:

  • Contests that require users to register on your site tone.
  • Advertising that appears on (other) sites frequented by your target audience.
  • Sponsored listings targeting Google searches done by your target audience revit familien kostenlos downloaden.
  • Offering a Viral Video (Something funny that bored office workers send to their friends.)
  • Publishing "How to" articles of interest to your target audience toggolino for free. (Remind them of the benefits of registering on your site. While every reader will not register, you get some new registrations.)

Case Study: Using "How to" Articles to Attract New Website Sign-Ups

For an online popularity contest aimed at college-age males, the site owner wanted to get college students to register as a member of the site and avoid the high costs of an extensive advertising campaign sms töneen.

As a solution, I identified target groups most likely to sign up as a member of the web system, which were any popular college student who had "supporters" or "Fans" locally, on their campus gratis viber downloaden. Then I identified topics each group searched Google for and managed writers who wrote these "how to" articles. I placed calls to action strategically in the body of each article scook book.

Target Groups included:

  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Bartenders
  • Bar and Club promoters
  • Varsity Athletes
  • Spring Break Reps
  • Fraternity members
  • Aspiring Musicians and singers
  • Night club Doormen
  • Guys who lift weights

Articles to Attract Each Target Group

The campaign resulted in hundreds of highly targeted articles peggle deluxe vollversion kostenlos downloaden. To target varsity athletes, I engaged a sports trainer write a baseball workout, published the article on the site and promoted it. The article eventually ranked #8 on the Google rankings for "Baseball workout."

To target males who were members of a band, we published an article titled "How to Promote a Band."

For other categories, I added articles titled "Become a personal trainer," "Become a Club Promoter" and added an entire weightlifting tips section ragnarok - ark expansion map download.


While these articles did not produce sign-ups as fast as a well-funded pay-per-click campaign, the articles will always steadily attract new sign-ups for the site, at no additional cost spotify lieder auf pc herunterladen. While a pay-per-click campaign ends, these articles will keep promoting the site forever.

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How Do Keywords Work?

I work with "keywords" almost every day. I mine data to find patterns and discover what the customer is searching for. One way of thinking of Keywords is to think of them as results of marketing research herunterladen.

When an executive knows the keywords potential customers are searching for, he or she can focus marketing efforts to more efficiently use budgets and staff time landkarten kostenlosen.

Branding vs. "Keywords"

Most business owners know they must focus their efforts and advertising dollars to building awareness of their brand name spotify premium single songs. It is always better for customers to be loyal to a brand name vs. a product category. You want your customers to be loyal to a brand name like "Ikea" and not always be focused on searching for "inexpensive furniture."

But they overlook the opportunity for more sales and to introduce new Internet surfers to their brand name kassenbuch einnahmen ausgaben kostenlos herunterladen. if you never mention your product category and only use your brand name on your website, you will miss out on customers who have not heard of your brand yet flv player downloaden. One way of doing this is to add new content (pages) to your site that targets these keywords Download ls17 full version for free.

Case Study: Puppet Business

Let’s say a small business wants to open a website that sells puppets and promotes the art of puppetry cewe fotobuch rahmen herunterladen. By doing some research into what people search Google for, they can discover where they want to focus their marketing and what content is needed for their website video from twitter iphone.

After some keyword research, we see that a significant amount of people search for "how to do hand puppets." The puppet website does not want to appeal to these surfers because they do not need to buy anything herunterladen nicht möglich versuchen sie es später erneut s3.

However, marketing "church puppets" would be a great opportunity for this site. Why? Because 880 people search for "church puppets" each month and many of those people are organizational buyers who have a budget to spend download url video.

Additionally, churches buy more than a single puppet. They will need more than 15 puppets simply to hold a passion play (Jesus and the 12 apostles).

More research shows that ads for "baby einstein puppets" are very expensive, inferring that it is an "in demand" product. (6600 people search Google for baby einstein puppets each month.)

In summary, the business began with an unfocused marketing effort and now clearly knows two product categories it should pursue to earn a profit.

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How To Start a Company Blog

Starting a Company Blog is easy. The major blog software providers offer free software that can be implemented in minutes. I recommend Blogger.com (owned by Google) ps4 neuinstallation herunterladen. To learn how to use the Blogger.com system, I suggest purchasing the book "Publishing a Blog with Blogger: Visual QuickProject Guide (2nd Edition)" by Elizabeth Castro defenderen. It will tell you everything you need.

If you want your blog design (or “look”) to match your corporate branding, you will need to hire a graphic designer to create a blog "skin" that you add it to your Blogger.com account kostenlos musik downloaden deutsche schlager.

However, there are some hidden risks you should consider before starting a blog for your firm.

Risk 1: Having a blog that does not get updated

When you add a page to your blog, it is called a "post." Each "post" has a date gmx mails downloaden. If visitors go to your blog and see that it has not been updated in a long time, they assume something is amiss. Why hasn’t your company updated your blog in X months herunterladen? Are they no longer functioning?

A blog is just like a newsletter. If publication of your "newsletter" suddenly stops, people wonder why how can I download autocad.

Risk #2: Writer’s Block

Many blog writers have difficulty generating topics for their blog. As with any newspaper or newsletter, your staff needs to establish an editorial schedule before the blog is published download samsung mobile music. Regular editorial meetings to decide topics must also be held.

Risk #3: Poor ROI

Blogs can consume a great deal of your staff time without translating into a return on your investment Download simulator full version for free. While it is good to use a blog to establish good will and an open communication with your customers, you need to assure that the amount of staff hours you spend on a blog translates into revenue for your firm radio veronica app.

Instead of starting a new blog, consider reaching out to Influential Bloggers in your industry (professionals who already have a blog up and running) tum immatrikulationsbescheinigung herunterladen.

My Experience

I have established corporate blogs and have managed blog writers. I also give recommendations on how to best get the most ROI our of your blog effort.

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How To Get New Customers

Many companies want their website to "be at the top of Google." being #1 for a Google search is nice. However, having your company show at the top of the Google search results means nothing if you cannot translate that ranking into paying customers converter downloaden youtube.

If a company sees that it is receiving a lot of website visits, but those visits are not translating into revenue, often they need to optimize their website to assure it is easy for interested customers to buy their products, get the information they want or at least take "the next step."

One way I work to assure a higher ratio of site visitors translating into paying customers is by establishing or fine-tuning a call to action on popular pages on your site weihnachtsmusik gratis downloaden.

If your company is not getting enough potential customers to your website, check out my list of the top Website Promotion Strategies Download picture it 7 for free.

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How To Design a Landing Page

When you purchase online advertising, your site needs "landing pages." A "landing page" is a name for a page specially designed to make it easy for a potential customer to "act."

Each landing page is partnered with an advertisement (on another site or on a search engine) range rover downloaden sims 4. When someone clicks on your ad, they "land" on its corresponding landing page. (You do not want your ads to point to your site’s front page, especially if your ads are for pricey keywords.)

Key to making a landing page effective is to offer a Call to Action form prominently on the landing page (without making the visitor scroll) Download sims 4 4 seasons for free. Potential customers have a chance to quickly sign up for an offer or buy "on" the landing page. (This is not a link to another page on your site.) People do not like to click to investigate other parts of the site snipping tool for free. They have very little time and want answers right there on the landing page – without moving to another page or search through the current page playlist von youtube downloaden mp3.

So, if you have a "sign up form" on your site, the form also appears on each landing page. (Do not make "potential sales" surf around your site to find your form!)

Potential Customers

Remember, your potential clients are quickly "surfing" several sites article. If they do not find what they what on the very first page that is shown to them, they will move onto your competitor’s site.

Tracking Results and Boosting ROI

Online Ads can be expensive herunterladen. A landing page allows you to track performance of ads. You might find that although you are paying for a dozen different ads, the bulk of your sales are generated form one or two ads buchführung kostenlos herunterladen. Landing pages allow you to know this and reallocate your advertising dollars to these good-performing ads.

Each landing page has a hidden field called a "lead source" field that contains a unique code amazon video borrowed movies. If you are running 12 ads, you might have 12 identical or slightly different landing pages, each with a unique "source code."

Your sales team receives the person’s contact information along with this unique code, which allows them to know which ad brought in the sales lead deutsch russische tastatur download kostenlos. This is important in allowing you to have statistics to make decisions on the best ROI for your advertising budget.

TIP: Do not add links to your landing pages from your front page tune up for free chip.de. A landing page is an "orphan" page on your site. This means visitors who enter your site’s front page should not be able to click any link and get to your landing pages.

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How to hold an online contest

If done correctly, one of the most effective ways to get visitors to your site is to hold an online contest. One reason this is effective is because bloggers love to mention and promote your contest for free herunterladen!

Here are key questions your marketing staff should answer before launching a contest:

  • How many days are needed to encourage people to enter the contest skype kostenlos herunterladen tablet?
  • What legal risks are there? Whose attorney will approve the contest rules?
  • Who is permitted to enter the contest? (Who is eligible?)
  • Is there an age requirement auslogics disk defrag german?
  • How much staff time is needed to manage the contest & what tasks must be done and at what point of the contest must the task be completed altdeutsche schrift für word kostenlosen?
  • Who is the target audience for entering the contest?
  • How is the winner of the contest decided?
  • What do people need to "do" to enter the contest herunterladen?
  • How many prizes will be given away?
  • Who decides which entrant wins the contest?
  • What is the total cost of the contest?
  • How many entrants are needed to make the contest worthwhile embedded videos ipad?
  • How will you get people to enter the contest?
  • Where / How will contest be advertised / promoted?
  • What risk areas are there for complaints against the contest herunterladen?
  • What areas are prone to cheating in the contest?
  • If there is travel involved, how will travel arrangements to handled?
  • Is there opportunity for spammers to exploit the contest apps automatischen ipad?
  • How will you handle "joke" entries?
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